Poland Sourcing Community

Working in recruitment isn’t easy. New trends in HR, the ever changing world of social media, employment law in different countries – recruiters have to stay on top of all of these.


This is why we created a space online that allows us to share knowledge, resources, tips and tools. The group has so far reached 1300 members and is still growing. Thanks to helping each other learn more about recruitment we hope to have a positive influence on the recruitment market in Poland – and you can be a part of that too!


Poland Sourcing Community’s shared resources


Together with the group we created some resources for recruiters to use, whether they’re a part of the group or not:

  • Global Sourcing Resources is a list of sourcing platforms, CV databases and job boards, as well as tools for sourcers. If you’re looking for candidates on a new market you don’t know so well, check the file for some tips on where to start your search!


If you’d like to join Poland Sourcing Community, you can do so by clicking on the link below. Please remember you will be asked two questions; you will not be allowed in the group without answering them. But don’t worry, they’re really simple!

  1. Do you work in recruitment?
  2. If you’re using a nickname on Facebook, what is your full name?

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