Announcements for recruiters

Recruitment Open Community and Poland Sourcing Community are groups of very talented people in our space. No wonder some companies want to share their job ads with us.

If you’d like for us to share your jobs with our members, please just fill out the form below. We can share your ads in the PSC group on Facebook or through the ROC newsletter (this one only goes out in Polish). You can chose whichever you prefer below.

Where do you work?
If you're not looking for someone to join your own team, please make sure to give us the industry of the client at the very least
Who are you looking for?
Where will the job be located?
How can candidates get in touch?
If you chose to ad your job to the PSC group, let us know what your username is so we can tag you
If you want your job to appear in the ROC newsletter, we will share the link to your ad

If you have any questions or doubts, please let us know at ogloszenia[at]